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Another Term Comes to a Close

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As another term comes to a close, graduation day becomes more and more of a reality.  In just 8 weeks, each member of the MSC class of 2014 will receive his/her diploma.  A diploma is printed on a piece of paper but that piece of paper does not embody what MSC at Northwestern truly means.  The diploma will be a symbol of not only the knowledge gained through the MSC program, but the relationships and experiences built.  Last Saturday during lunch, as I walked around campus with some of my classmates — my friends, enjoying the beautiful lake path, I reflected on this notion. I have come to enjoy being at class on Saturday because I know that I will be learning something that I will be engaged in, and also because I know my friends will be there beside me, too. I know that I am not the only person who feels this way either.  With that said, fellow classmates, let’s dive in to our final term with everything we’ve got! Cheers to one term left!