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The Ice Rink is OPEN!


I recently read an article in The Daily Northwestern indicating the general student consensus on Winter Quarter is that it is something to “get through.” The author of the article had additional thoughts, and I concur. It’s so easy and predictable to love warm, sunny weather. But in Chicago, we usually just grow a winter backbone and embrace it.

Among the delights of Winter Quarter? Northwestern’s own ice skating rink, located at the back of Norris Student Center and facing the lake. You can even rent skates! Sometimes this school really thinks of everything. If you can find the Outdoor office in the basement of Norris, flash your NU Wildcard and get two hours of skate rental for just $3. I overheard “they don’t zamboni it very often” and the ice can get rough. But for me, enjoying this little perk of student life was a thrill on an otherwise unremarkable Thursday.

Northwestern offers many resources that may surprise you. I was discussing this topic at lunch last week. Did you know you can rent an iPad from the library? For one week? My classmate did after her computer died and she was putting together the funds for a replacement. She was very surprised but very glad to find this resource.

Most MSC students complete the program in one year, and we won’t get another shot at Winter Quarter. I’ll admit, during last week’s extra windy frigid temps, my winter backbone caved and I was glad to get a ride to class. But most weeks, if you’re interested in enriching your student experience with University resources outside of the MSC program, there’s plenty to appreciate. And there’s no better time than the present.