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Category: Grad School

My First Week Of Grad School

As I look back on my first Saturday in the MSC program, I have a few takeaways. The day goes by quickly. I heard that at orientation. I didn’t believe them. Just as the MSC program is accelerated, I got to figure out people’s personalities and know their names…QUICKLY. The Leading Collaboration core class has


Saturday has become my favorite day of the week. You may think, “Class from 9:30am – 5:00pm, every single Saturday” and cringe – but you shouldn’t. Don’t feel bad for my classmates or me, because… Saturdays are our days without stress from work Saturdays are our days without readings, homework, papers, projects – and all

Can a Company Own a Specific Color?

Trademarking, branding and color copyright. This was a topic brought up today in the Visual Communication class that got everyone thinking. Can a company trademark a color? The initial answer we settled on was no, but after further discussion, we believe the answer is yes, under certain circumstances. We know that companies can trademark fonts

Design: Recreating a Website

Design is extremely crucial. Think about your favorite clothing brand or company, you know their logo, right? You know that the Swoosh symbol is associated with Nike, the M arch is McDonalds, and the red bulls-eye is Target. Logo design is what a person thinks of when thinking of a specific company, which makes their

Sunny & 75

Today, I got a glimpse of what summer class sessions are going to be like. Everyone in class knew the weather was so nice outside and couldn’t wait for lunch break and go experience the beautiful weather. I have a feeling that coming and sitting in class this summer is going to be difficult for

Infographics in Everyday Life

Visual communication surrounds us everyday. In class this past week, our assignment was to design an inforgraphic displaying numerical data that would otherwise be boring. I used right brain vs. left brain statistics for my infographic, as shown below. It shows the percentages of right, left and equal brained people in the United States and

Spring Quarter

Welcome back, everyone! I hope each and every one of us enjoyed our two weeks off. Time to get back into school mode. After the first class of the spring semester, I felt confident in my elective choice and happy with the information I will be learning in both the core and elective courses. The

Spring Break!

The day is here. We have completed the second quarter of the MSC program, the quarter we were told was going to be the more difficult because it was 10 weeks straight with no break, in the middle of a Chicago Winter. Thankfully, the snow stayed away for the most part. After we all finish

Social Media and its Effect on the Youth

I was assigned a book report for my Understanding Media Markets class, and I stumbled upon this really great novel about social media and how it is effecting the youth in today’s society. Many people think that social media and the accessibility teens have to their phones is going to ruin them and their social

Long Tail vs. Blockbuster Strategy

Long tail and blockbuster strategy might be terms you have heard before, or they could be completely new to you. Both are very important to understanding how companies determine how to spend and invest in products or movies. Long tail can be used in the marketplace for almost everything, including the retail world and media