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New Student Tip 4: Apps!

screen shot

A screenshot after searching for “Northwestern University” in the iTunes app store.

Tip #4: Northwestern apps.

With commencement approaching, I recently received an email about an app that can be used for schedules and other information regarding the ceremony. Figuring this might be handy at some point, I searched the app store on my phone for “Northwestern University,” and I was surprised to find several apps in the results!

I don’t know why I never thought of trying this sooner. (I guess I’ve survived thus far without it.) But I can think of times when the general Northwestern app would have been helpful, such as when I needed a direct link to the shuttle tracker.

I noted in a previous blog post that the university has many resources that are not always easy to discover. These apps seem to offer relatively easy entry points into finding that information. For future MSC students, knowing about these apps up front may be helpful in getting oriented with all of the resources available to them.