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Design: Recreating a Website

Design is extremely crucial. Think about your favorite clothing brand or company, you know their logo, right? You know that the Swoosh symbol is associated with Nike, the M arch is McDonalds, and the red bulls-eye is Target.

Logo design is what a person thinks of when thinking of a specific company, which makes their branding important because it is the baseline for customers.

Websites are equally as important in today’s society, since everyone uses the Internet to do research and shop. In the Visual Communication class this past week, we discussed logos and logo fails, however, we were asked to recreate a website that had poor design. I am very pleased with the work my group and I have completed and would like to show you the before and after website designs.

Sometimes less is more; Penny Juice used rainbow colors to create their brand so we decided to use those same colors while making it less busy and more appealing to the eye of our audience.

What do you think? Did our redesign work for this juice company?





Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 11.00.18 AM