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Saturday has become my favorite day of the week. You may think, “Class from 9:30am – 5:00pm, every single Saturday” and cringe – but you shouldn’t. Don’t feel bad for my classmates or me, because…

  • Saturdays are our days without stress from work
  • Saturdays are our days without readings, homework, papers, projects – and all of the other “fun” preparation that grad school requires
  • Saturdays are our days without house chores, cooking, yard work, etc.

Honestly, Saturdays aren’t my favorite day because I don’t have to go to work, read or clean. Saturday’s are my favorite day because…

  • Our Saturdays are filled with a group of truly diverse people who are excited to engage about everything and anything
  • Our Saturdays include free therapy to vent, encourage and discuss the previous work week – it’s reassuring to discover that you aren’t alone in the “real world”
  • Our Saturdays are filled with truly great people who want to form meaningful relationships, network and help others
  • Our Saturdays are filled with idea generation from people who work in diverse companies, industries and sectors
  • Our Saturdays are always full of happy stomachs thanks to the great lunch spread at the Allen Center

It’s hard to believe that the MSC Class of 2016 has less than 100 days until graduation. It’s impossible to quantify how much we have learned, and will continue to learn, on our Saturday’s together.

Lauren McNulty – Class of 2016