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Location: We are Lucky to Live Where We Do

It was just brought to my attention that there are only 18 sessions left of the MSC program. That just seems hard to believe, in my opinion. I feel like we just met at a meet and greet and started class… I guess it is true: time flies.

We should make the most out of every second we have in the classroom with our cohort, because before we know it, the program will end and we will all go our separate ways.

I think the best part about this program is the diversity. We all come from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries yet we all mesh together in the same location for one end goal: a Master’s degree in Communication.

Sitting in the Global Strategy class, we were taught about location and why it is so important. I think as a whole we understood this concept but then we were shown this video about two girls from different backgrounds, doing the same job and it really set in, at least it did for me.

In this video, both girls make t-shirts. However, depending on where the girl lived she made a different income. One girl ended up making four times as much money because she lived in a different country and she was doing the same amount of work as the girl making way less somewhere else.

The t-shirt video was unbelievable to watch because it was eye opening. As a person who lives in the United States, you realize how blessed you are to be raised where you were, to live where you do. In my last blog, I mentioned how someone in California would make more money than someone in Chicago, where I live. But in reality, it is better to be located in Chicago, Illinois than it is to be located in one of the places either t-shirt girl lives or many other places in the world.

We are all lucky to be located in a world that allows us to study at Northwestern and be able to earn a Master’s degree, no matter what path we took to get here.