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Connecting the Dots

What’s really cool about MSC is the way in which material from professors and guest speakers alike always seems to fit together; everything is related and relevant, it seems. This was particularly true this past Saturday. The second half of this term in our core course, Strategy in the Global Economy, is focused on the “retail revolution,” which includes the means in which selling or making commodities available to consumers has evolved.  We discussed this in class and then listened to guest speaker and MSC alum, Dante Ciccione present his material on guidance for effective outside sales, during our lunch break. His presentation was very interesting, engaging and fun, especially when Dante put one of our classmates, Francis, to the test in a sales simulation.  Francis did an awesome on-the-spot job, selling a watch to Dante in just 3 minutes (seen in the picture below). After lunch, my elective course, Hot Topics in Marketing Strategy, focused on the interplay between Sales and Marketing.  We discussed the differences between sales and marketing teams and how there is great potential when those two groups can work together within organizations. Everything that I learned this past Saturday fit so nicely together and I loved being able to draw on material from one course when explaining or thinking about something I’ve learned in another. I  enjoyed “connecting the dots.”  This I believe, is the beauty of our program and the beauty of communications in business.

Stay tuned because my next post will be about our winter term social event next week at Lucky Strike Chicago! Post and pictures to come!

photo copy 3

(Dante on the left and Francis on the right).