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As I gear up for the holidays and reflect on my MSC experience thus far, I have to say I am thankful. The past three months in the MSC program have been amazing – from the practical lessons learned in my courses,  to the friendships created with my co-hort members,  down to the beautiful drive in from the South on Lake Shore Drive every Saturday morning, it’s all been wonderful.

A few of my students recently asked how grad school was going and how I’m able to balance it all while working full time?  My response was simple, when you love your graduate program, and you love your job it’s a piece of cake!  Once time with the family wraps up this weekend over a delicious thanksgiving feast and Christmas gifts are all set with Black Friday shopping, I’ll hunker down to work on my two final papers for this quarter.  Truly a bittersweet moment as the courses are ending, but excited to see what else is ahead.

To my MSC co-hort members, faculty, and staff, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!