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The Creative Class

Want to succeed in society today? One global strategy that Professor Gaonkar recommended is to belong to the creative class. Belonging to this specific class will make you more economically secure.

What is the creative class you might ask? Well, the creative class includes those who work in science and engineering, architecture and design, education, arts, music, and entertainment. If you are generating new ideas, technologies and content, you are seen as important to society because you are helping the world change and advance. Finance, law, health care, and related fields are part of the second layer of this class.

In 2008 when the financial crisis hit, people with jobs in the creative class were more secure in the work place as compared to those working blue collar and service sector jobs.

The middle pay class is slowly disappearing because the creative class employees are needed and are paid more money. Then there’s the mass increase in service level jobs because there is a high demand. People are making a high income or a low one, and the middle wage is disintegrating.

Clearly we all want to make the most money possible, and enjoy our jobs, but that is not always possible. No matter how much money you make at your job, there is one thing all people have in common: stress.

When you enter the work place or think about switching careers, remember that working as a part of the creative class could benefit you the most. You will be more secure at work, make more money, and be just as stressed as everyone else. However, the latter is worth the first two perks, in my opinion.