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MSC Program Can Help Me Prepare A Career in Sports Media

Jamaal D Brown

Getting accepted into the School of Communication graduate program at Northwestern University, widely regarded as one of the top universities in America, was the proudest moment of my life. I recalled that during the graduate application process, two MSC alumnus who are currently working in the news and media organization told me how astonishing MSC program is.

After researching several programs from different universities, I felt very confident and induced that MSC program is the right one for me and for my future career goal. Now here I am!

My background and internship experience in sports communication really aids me to discern the significance of my learning, skills, knowledge, and interests to my future career. Since I pursue a career in sports communication and media, MSC program can help me learn the significance of utilizing communication strategy to advertise news and stories to the global consumers through digital platforms. I am certainly looking forward to engaging with students and learning various communication strategies from professors here at Northwestern University.